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If it's pick your poison I'll take Lynch. I don't see Garrett switching from Air Coryell to WCO so in my mind that severely undercuts Goff's value. In any case I don't like any QB enough to spend the 4th pick in the draft.

Tunsil is a beast. No reason he doesn't go top 3. Wouldn't mind taking him if the teams above us don't want to have an elite OT.

Still love Bosa. As a pure DE sure I can buy the 6-8 sack estimate. However you don't draft a guy with his power, and subsequent lack of major bend/burst, and not kick him inside. He is doubled, or tripled, on the majority of the plays on tape and he still wins. Strongside end in base. Kick him inside on passing downs and watch the interior defense get shredded. Still my #1.

Ramsey I love ... AT SAFETY. If we plan to play him at corner I'd rather go pretty much any of the other options.

If Jack wasn't injured he'd be at Bosa's level for me. Elite, top tier, talent at a position not typically valued. I'll be extremely happy to land him, Bosa, or Ramsey (safety).

Outside of the above I also would love a trade down if we win the trade value wise. A bunch of candidates if we were to trade down to the 8-14 range.
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