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I picked up Marvel LCG, but haven't had a chance to test it out.
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Originally Posted by Grizzlegom View Post
Anyone play any sweet new games lately? I spent the day yesterday playing games. Finally played the Lord of the Rings deck building game and that was a blast. I haven't played a straight deck builder of that type in a long while and I think I forgot that those are my favorite types of games. Played Towers of Arkhanos next, simple but thinky game. Then played Fleet: the Dice Game, which I think the best roll and write out there.

Finished the day with Football Highlights 2052. I really love Baseball Highlights 2045 so I had high hopes for its football successor and it was pretty solid. Don't think I like it as much as the baseball game but its pretty good once you get through the clunky rulebook.
I've been getting big into Tabletop games the past month of so with a small group (4 usually) and have tried the following:

- Dead of Winter: I found this apocalpyse/zombie game to be pretty fun at first, trying to manage killing zombies with scavenging and completing tasks. I really liked the crossroads mechanic, which is basically a special rule for each player per round. Made for some interesting scenarios. After a few playthroughs though some of the mechanics seemed a bit redundant, despite not appearing that way initially.

- Mysterium: A super fun game where a spirit/ghost guides the psychics through a cluedo style character/room/item quest to determine its killer. I thought this game was super fun, but a tad boring once the same cards start coming out over and over. This would be a really cool game to pick up every few months.

- Zombiecide: An RPG zombie/quest style game. Each scenario requires you complete a certain objective, like escape the map, recover the objectives etc. I thought this game was super boring and definitely not for me, but the person who was running it absolutely loved it so idk?
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PAX Unplugged was fun this year. My oldest son (10) and I went undefeated in a 2 headed giant MtG mystery booster tourney, and then he went 2-0 in the commander event we played in too. Grabbed a few new games:

Quacks of Quedlinburg - Family weight game that came out last year but I finally got to check it out and I looooooveed it. Everyone that I playtested the game with bought it.

Medium - Party game where you play a card and then your teammate plays a card and you have to try and say the same word that relates to both. It sounds kinda lame but it ends up being really hilarious.

Azul: Summer Pavilion - If you've played the first Azul, you'll love this one. I recommend all the Azul games highly for anyone.

Incubation - A solid little intro kids game where you are trying to hatch eggs into dragons. Good one for the kids, not exactly deep or anything though.

Cat Cafe and Welcome to Dino World - I have Fleet the Dice Game which is considered the best and heaviest roll and write out there but I wanted to add some lighter ones and these fit the bill. Cat Cafe is on the lighter side and Welcome to Dino World is in the middle. Solid themes help.
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