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Default 2020 NFL Draft Prospect Comps

Every year analysts compare upcoming players to current or former NFL players. Each prospect is unique and the game changes, but I do enjoy this part of the process especially as it makes it easier to forsee the type of impact/career trajectory a player could have.

I haven't gotten deep into each player, so I don't have a large number of comps but here's what I got so far:

Laviska Shenault -- Cordarrelle Patterson
I've seen a lot of people compare him to Deebo, Juju, but I think his refinement as a receiver is lacking while his athleticism is a little underrated in those comps. Patterson was drafted in the first round with only 1 year of FBS ball, but since has had very high highs, low lows mostly due to injury and inability to refine his route running. As a prospect I see them fairly similarly--explosive, strong, versatile offensive weapons. Shenault may be luckier and not rot away as sheerly a gadget player/KR like Patterson, but as far as his comp as a prospect I see them very similarly.

D'Andre Swift -- Tiki Barber
As a Giants fan who watched and loved Tiki as a player, this is who I see. Tiki wasn't big, wasn't overly fast, wasn't overly strong--he was tough, quick and smooth, just enough burst and not too much wasted motion, reliable. Like Tiki, Swift shares many of the questionmarks including ball security, pass pro, stature, 3 down back potential, but the aforementioned Pros are very alluring. Barber took awhile to become what we remember him as, I think Swift will be closer to being an every down back than Tiki was at the start of his career.

Yetuur Gross-Matos -- Danielle Hunter
Hunter just doesn't get as much recognition for the career he is having, but the dude keeps on pumping out sacks. Hunter has a great frame, athleticism, bend and is a darn good run defender as well. When he was coming out, he had 13 sacks in his junior year but just wasn't refined and many thought he benefitted from a strong supporting cast at LSU. Is he a standup 3-4 edge who almost always rushes? pure 4-3 end? If he doesn't develop the moves can he add weight and use his frame to be a 3-4 end? Gross Matos is very similarly impressive and has a lot of the same knocks that Hunter did with a lot of similarity of unrefined technique and reliance on exceptional physical traits. I think that Matos is unlikely to reach the mountain of success Hunter has, but do see them very similarly as prospects.

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