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Ummm stupid ESPN gave Brodie the half title. We need to correct this it happens every year.

D congrats you're the true winner.
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I'm gonna figure this out. Clearly D won, don't worry about it for now.

EDIT: Fixed, everyone's back to normal.

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Thank you to everyone who pushed me to go hard this year. I always invest so much time in this league, and making in the top 3 alone is always a satisfying feeling, so huge props to Brodie and Zak for making it with me on the podium! For me, winning this league is the ultimate in terms of fantasy joy.

To be honest, I enjoy this more than the War League and Fastbreak League (even though I haven't won this one yet). The stat tracking in baseball is just way more challenging and fun, imo. Although it was a shortened season, the drain felt the same. For much of the season it was a challenging hunt to get to the top spot. Brodie, I got mad respect for that team you built... I just don't like how tight a grip you have on your players. Trade with me! haha. I got real nervous when we were all tied up with about 2 weeks to go. Shout out to the Hawaiian Gods for listening to my Big Kahuna chants!

To Zak, Grizz, KCJ, Gonzo, and Jug your activity on the FA pick up wire always kept me on my toes! I always hated it when I went to search for a name only to see that you guys had already swept them up! I should include Cain here too because he had some of those hits, even though he didn't have a lot of action.

Cain, I respect your ways. Took a step back to take 2 steps forward. Your young guns are a legitimate future threat.

Guess, life got in the way for Ninja Chimps... will he be returning?

mqt, wassup bro? Normally we at least have some back and forth trade talk, but I never heard back from you this year. You good bro?

Good having ya here fenikz. You're sensitive as hell, but at least you're a gamer. I can respect that.

KCJ, still waiting for you to step your game up, but the main thing is we kept our yearly trade tradition alive!

Grizz, you're a silent killer... your team is always sneaky good, but actually not really sneaky because you know your stuff. If your bats ever catch up, we could all be in trouble.

Juggy, you have a lot of good players... some of my favorites! But you hang on to too many bad players for too long.

Zak, you're an angry troll, but you're OUR angry troll and we love you for it. Damn you for adding Cronenworth, and for not trading Nelson Cruz for the old man that he is.

Gonzo, always a pleasure talking trade with ya. You get me. I may start off with low offers, but by the end of discussions, I do pretty much bend over if I want a guy bad enough. There was a whole bunch we didn't get done, but the ones that we did worked. I might've been bitter if I didn't win, but because I did, the trades were worth it. I really did have regrets on letting Trea Turner and Tyler Glasnow go, but Trevor Bauer turned things around after a couple of bad starts and improving my pitching was a the right move for me to win this year.

Trades don't always work out, but it really raises the fun factor for me. There were 13 total trades made by everyone this year (counting those made before the draft). They are always risky, but I think for the first time, we didn't have a trade go down between anyone where there was any drama over the value of the trade. I hope to see more trades in the future! Take a risk!

Brodie, I think it's been 15 years playing with you now. You're one of the originals right? You used to be nobody to worry about and now you're an irritating tough shit. Time is going by too fast. Live is crazy.

Thinking about it, so many things have happened in the last 15 years and I must say, it's been great having all of you guys around during all hours of the day as an escape from reality. Whether needing a mental break during my work day or sitting down watching tv from my laptop or checking on my phone on errands, various wait times, or from all over the world, I love this forum family. We know how each other thinks, but we don't really know a lot about each other's lives. Thanks for the fun and thank you for putting up with my weaknesses. Thank you for the Congrats. I'll take a min to enjoy it.

As a winning toast, here's to recapping my post draft thoughts!

Round 1

1. mqt - Corey Seager, SS - Tanking wasn't as rewarding this year
2. Zak- Zack Wheeler, SP - Should've told me you liked him this much
3. Gonzo - Josh Donaldson, 3B - Who didn't keep him? When he's healthy, he works.
4. Fenikz- Gary Sanchez, C - As expected, he's already hurting
5. Jughead- Mallex Smith, OF - Overpay for steals at the cost of hurting OBPOuch
6. KCJ- Paul DeJong, SS - I get it, but not my cup of teaActually, I don't get it
7. Magarnaron- Sonny Gray, SP - Nice pick
8. Grizz- Lance Lynn, SP - No problems hereTotally delivered
9. D-Unit - Brandon Workman, RP - Hoped for this outcomeERA and WHIP killer
10. Cain- Yuli Gurriel, 1B/3B - Unsure of the sign stealing effect
11. Brodie- Edwin Diaz, RP - Grrrr

Round 2

1. Brodie- Andrew McCutchen, OF - lol, go ahead
2. Cain- Oscar Mercado, OF - Could break outEesh
3. D-Unit- Dinelson Lamet, SP - Yay, thought Cain was gonna take himIncredible talent, but couldn't get me Wins!
4. Grizz- Hector Neris, RP - When I had him he sucked
5. Magarnaron- Will Smith, RP - Best RP backup
6. KCJ- Archie Bradley, RP - When I had him he sucked
7. Jughead- Madison Bumgarner, SP - Best days are behind him
8. Fenikz- David Dahl, OF - Will he meet expectations?
9. Gonzo- Bryan Reynolds, OF - I can dig it, but wasn't upset like others
10. Zak- Brandon Lowe, 2B - Picked too high imoReal smooth pick right here
11. mqt- Hansel Robles, RP - Nice one

Round 3:

1. mqt- Giovanny Gallegos, RP - I appreciate the thought process here
2. Zak- Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP - Nice pick, but not sure he can repeat last yearDid not follow, did he have a good year?
3. Gonzo- Jorge Polanco, SS - Not bad
4. Fenikz- Carter Kieboom, SS - Too early, plus high bust factorReach
5. Jughead- Jose Leclerq, RP - Solid value
6. KCJ- Alex Colome, RP - Great valueYep, I was right
7. Magarnaron- Danny Santana, OF - Interesting...
8. Grizz- Sean Doolittle, RP - Ability to talk to animals doesn't keep him off the DL
9. D-Unit- Keone Kela, RP - Wanted Colome, but still happy with my Hawaiian
10. Cain- Khris Davis, DH - Had big expectations for him in 2019. He failed me.I see he failed you too
11. Brodie- Joey Votto, 1B - Unhealthy attachment = bad pickThought you got over your attachment issues, until you picked him up again

Round 4:

1. Brodie- Jacob Turner, 3B - Not on my wish list
2. Cain- AJ Puk, RP (for now) - Dang it man.
3. D-Unit- Will Smith, C - Was so jealous of KCJ picking him up last year. Seeing him unkept allowed me to feel good about not keeping Sanchez.
4. Grizz- Justin Upton, OF - I kinda wanted him. Definitely serviceable.
5. Magarnaron- Ian Kennedy, RP - Briefly thought about taking him
6. KCJ- Joe Jimenez, RP - Ehhh
7. Jughead- Luke Voit, 1B - Das my boy. Juggy hates him, but will become a fanNOW ARE YOU A FAN??? Damnit, I should've drafted him earlier
8. Fenikz- Adley Rutschman, C - Whoa ok.... Someone's thinking long term.
9. Gonzo- Lourdes Gurriel Jr, OF - Happy for ya
10. Zak- Mark Melancon, RP - Starting to hit the bottom of the barrel for CL
11. mqt- Tommy Edeman, 2B/3B - Could be a sneaky good pick!Or not

Round 5:

1. mqt- Lance McCullers, SP - okkkkk
2. Zak- Miguel Andujar, UTIL - Nice gambleI believed for a minute
3. Gonzo- Scott Oberg, RP - Ewwwwe
4. Fenikz- Brendan McKay, SP - Sexy pick
5. Jughead- Ryan McMahon, 2B/3B - Overrated prospect
6. KCJ- Hunter Dozier, 3B/OF - shrugs
7. Magarnaron- Salvador Perez, C - Glad I already have my C
8. Grizz- Willie Calhoun, OF - Was a good pick at the time
9. D-Unit- Edwin Encarnacion, 1B - Like stealing candy from a babyIdiot pick
10. Cain- Scott Kingery, 3B/OF - I'm a fan of Kingery
11. Brodie- Kevin Newman, 2B/SS - Maybe Brodie does know what he's doing

Round 6:

1. Brodie- Nate Pearson, SP - OH DAMN YOU!!!!Thought he was gonna get called up a lot sooner. Glad I didn't draft him
2. Cain- Byron Buxton, OF - Another in a long line of surprising moves by Cain
3. D-Unit- Brandon Kintzler, RP - Happy to nab a closer who was an Allstar in 2017
4. Grizz- Jose Martinez, OF - I don't value this guy at all
5. Magarnaron- Alex Verdugo, OF - Slick pick by the new guy!
6. KCJ- Nick Senzel, OF - Awww *clap clap*
7. Jughead- Brian Anderson, 3B/OF - huh? ok
8. Fenikz- Dylan Carlson, OF - Almost took him, but needed a closer moreWanna make a trade?
9. Gonzo- Dellin Betances, RP - Curious to see if he can return to form
10. Zak- Mitch Keller, SP - Don't trust this prospect
11. mqt- Garrett Hampson, 2B/OF - I was hyped for this guy last year.

Round 7:

1. mqt- Mike Minor, SP - Good value
2. Zak- Nick Madrigal, 2B - Wasn't on my radar
3. Gonzo- Jon Bertl, 3B/SS/OF - I semi-like this pick
4. Fenikz- Robbie Ray, SP - I like this
5. Jughead- David Price, SP - I LOVE THIS
6. KCJ- Dan Vogelbach, 1B - Predictable pick
7. Magarnaron- German Marquez, SP - He could be a stud or dud, but will get Ks
8. Grizz- Kyle Hendricks, SP - Not a fan
9. D-Unit- Josh James, SP - If he can just turn the corner....I'm done with this guy
10. Cain- Dustin May, RP - Nice prospect pick upHe's a goodie!
11. Brodie- Jake Odorizzi, SP - Shouldn't hurt you too bad

Round 8:

1. Brodie- Mark Canha, OF - Boring
2. Cain- Mychael Givens, RP - Not a fan because I believe in Hunter Harvey
3. D-Unit- Trent Grisham, OF - One of my dark horse sleeper picks that I was happy to land Sleeper pick, slam dunk
4. Grizz- CJ Cron, 1B - Solid power.... in stretches.
5. Magarnaron- Kenta Maeda, SP/RP - Nice pick
6. KCJ- Marcus Stroman, SP - Overrated player
7. Jughead- Ryan Pressly, RP - Trying to start the backup reliever run?
8. Fenikz- Luke Weaver, SP - I remember when I drafted him before
9. Gonzo- Luis Arrez, 2B/OF - Early, but ok
10. Zak- Jon Gray, SP - Not quite black and white if this was a good or bad pick.
11. mqt- Shogo Akiyama, OF - Interesting!

Round 9:

1. mqt- Matt Barnes, RP - Damnit. Wanted him.
2. Zak- Christian Walker, 1B - Damnit. Kinda wanted him.
3. Gonzo- Jean Segura, SS - I take credit for making Gonzo consider him a keeper
4. Fenikz- Joc Pederson, 1B/OF - Good value here. Still think he has upside
5. Jughead- Michael Chavis, 1B/2B - Cain might not admit this was a good pick
6. KCJ- Caleb Smith, SP - If you say so
7. Magarnaron- Renato Nunez, 1B - Waiver wire kinda guy that you want to believe in
8. Grizz- Wade Davis, RP - He can't be as bad as last year
9. D-Unit- Alex Kiriloff, OF - Tiger Woods fist pumpMaybe next year?
10. Cain- Kole Calhoun, OF - High floor, low ceiling
11. Brodie- Joe Musgrove, SP - Nothing special

Round 10:

1. Brodie- Seth Lugo, RP - Nice source of Ks
2. Cain- Dansby Swanson, SS - Can he emerge from mediocrity?Breakout!
3. D-Unit- Nick Solak, UTIL - One of my favorite sleepers this yearFlop
4. Grizz- Hunter Harvey, RP - Crap, Crap, Crap. I should've take him instead.Got upset for nothing
5. Magarnaron- Ryan Yarborough, SP/RP - Plain Jane
6. KCJ- Austin Riley, OF - Slight sexy factor
7. Jughead- Hunter Renfroe, OF - Like the power, but not the OBP
8. Fenikz- Andrew Heaney, SP - Not on my radar
9. Gonzo- Shin Soo Choo, OF - Solid peripherals, but 38 years old
10. Zak- Joey Lucchesi, SP - mmmmk
11. mqt- Dylan Bundy, SP - Stud if he can put it all togetherWhat a comeback!

Round 11:

1. mqt- Avisail Garcia, OF - Just picking players I guess
2. Zak- Rowan Wick, RP - I like seeing who you guys eyed out as RP sleepers
3. Gonzo- Wilson Ramos, C - Finally taken!
4. Fenikz- Chris Archer, SP - Yuck
5. Jughead- Joey Bart, C - Can more people draft Catchers please?
6. KCJ- Matt Magill, RP - Ah you donkey! Wanted him.
7. Magarnaron- Dallas Keuchel, SP - I see you, new guy...
8. Grizz- Jarrod Dyson, OF - Too one dimensional
9. D-Unit- Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, OF - Interested to see how much translates.Power and poop
10. Cain- Freddy Peralta, SP - Not a fan, but somehow I know he'll pan out for Cain
11. Brodie- Kolten Wong, 2B - Gah, damn great pick

Round 12:

1. Brodie- Yandy Diaz, 1B/3B - No comment
2. Cain- Luis Urias, 2B/SS - *nods head*
3. D-Unit- Dylan Cease, SP - BAM! Das my guy Thank you!
4. Grizz- Johnny Cueto, SP - Cueto was great for me last year... when he wasn't hurt
5. Magarnaron- Elvis Andrus, SS - On my favorite team, but I want him off it
6. KCJ- Didi Gregorius, SS - Can he bounce back?
7. Jughead- Sandy Alcantara, SP -
8. Fenikz- Jose Urquidy, SP - Perfect pick for your team. Nice upside.
9. Gonzo- James Karinchak, RP - Don't try to outsmart yourself.Wow, my eyes are now opened
10. Zak- Tyler O'Neill, OF - Good gamble
11. mqt- Reynaldo Lopez, SP - If you say so

Round 13:

1. mqt- Will Harris, RP - One of my slight considerations
2. Zak- Francisco Mejia, C - Can we have a catcher run?
3. Gonzo- Sam Hilliard, OF - Everyone happy landing their favorite sleeper picks? I give him credit, he tried.
4. Fenikz- Jason Dominguez, OF - Hah wow, you go boy
5. Jughead- Daniel Hudson, RP - OK
6. KCJ- Tony Watson, RP - Darn it, was hoping for him
7. Magarnaron- Kyle Seager, 3B - Not a fan
8. Grizz- JD Davis, 3B/OF - Wasn't ready to take him here, but he was on the short list
9. D-Unit- Wil Myers, OF - Wasn't on my radar, but pleasantly found him available. Champion caliber hit
10. Cain- Carson Kelly, C - Decent
11. Brodie- Diego Castillo, SP/RP - meh

Round 14:

1. Brodie- Emilio Pagan, RP - Opposite of meh
2. Cain- Emmanuel Clase, RP - Ooooh interesting....
3. D-Unit- Zach Britton, RP - Fine, I'll take a RP too then...
4. Grizz- Garrett Richards, SP - back to meh
5. Magarnaron- Sergio Romo, RP - RP run!
6. KCJ- Rougned Odor, 2B - I soooo want to like this guy
7. Jughead- Gregory Polanco, OF - Decent sleeper pick
8. Fenikz- Gio Urshela, 3B - See above Niiiiice!
9. Gonzo- Andres Munoz, RP - OK, Mr. Smarty Pants
10. Zak- Kevin Ginkel, RP - I was eyeing Ginkel
11. mqt- Drew Pomeranz, SP/RP - No complaints

Round 15:

1. mqt- Ross Stripling, SP/RP - Don't care
2. Zak- Willy Adames, SS - Interesting player, but not for me
3. Gonzo- Anthony DeSclafani, SP - Too mediocre
4. Fenikz- AJ Pollock, OF - Wanted him soooo badly... 5 years ago.
5. Jughead- Omar Navarez, C - Yes, another Catcher off the board
6. KCJ- Jose Quintana, SP - Somebody has to take him
7. Magarnaron- Adrian Houser, SP/RP - Nice sleeper
8. Grizz- Kyle Crick, RP - ok ok
9. D-Unit- Ian Happ, OF - There might be something more than hype here. I shouldn't have dropped him
10. Cain- Seranthony Dominguez, RP - Worthy selection
11. Brodie- Niko Goodrum, 2B/SS/OF - Homer alert

Round 16:

1. Brodie- Yoshisha Hirano, RP - Could be a source of saves
2. Cain- Jose Alverado, RP - Not a good pick, imo
3. D-Unit- Aaron Civale, SP - Love what this guy did for me last year Good, but not great
4. Grizz- Sean Murphy, C - Almost kept him as my prospect!Thanks for letting me borrow him for a bit!
5. Magarnaron- Randal Grichuk, OF - Good player, great pick
6. KCJ- Corey Knebel, RP - What'd you read about this guy?
7. Jughead- Ty Buttrey, RP - I like this
8. Fenikz- Ryan Braun, OF - Waiver wire fodder
9. Gonzo- Dakota Hudson SP - Nice
10. Zak- Jeurys Familia, RP - Nahh
11. mqt- Domingo Santana, OF - Some part of me likes him.

Round 17:

1. mqt- Yimi Garcia, RP - See above
2. Zak- Griffin Canning, SP - Nahh
3. Gonzo- Miles Mikolas, SP - Not for me
4. Fenikz- David Peralta, OF - I tried to buy into him 2 years ago
5. Jughead- Luis Patino, SP - Oooooh... me likey
6. KCJ- Adam Ottavino, RP - Definitely useful
7. Magarnaron- Christian Vazquez, C - ok
8. Grizz- Austin Hays, OF - Nooooooooooice!
9. D-Unit- Matt Manning, SP - You losers let him fall to me??? Injuries suck
10. Cain- Rick Porcello, SP - Is he anything more than an innings eater?
11. Brodie- Josh Lindblom, SP - I'm stumped

Round 18:

1. Brodie- Jackie Bradley Jr, OF - Week 2 drop
2. Cain- Blake Treinen, RP - Cool
3. D-Unit- Tyler Rodgers, RP - I drafted his twin last year and he rewarded me!
4. Grizz- Trevor May, RP - ok
5. Magarnaron- Shaun Anderson, SP/RP - Interesting
6. KCJ- Cole Hamels, SP - Won't complain, he's a handsome man
7. Jughead- Cesar Hernandez, 2B - I like the thought here
8. Fenikz- Andrew Vaughn, 1B - Will it be worth the wait?
9. Gonzo- Jordan Hicks, RP - Clap clap
10. Zak- Jordan Montgomery, SP - I like it
11. mqt- Howie Kendrick, 1B/2B - Boring

Round 19:

1. mqt- Nate Lowe, 1B - This is more interesting! Helped me down the stretch, so thanks for the drop!
2. Zak- Royce Lewis, SS - Prospect time!
3. Gonzo- David Fletcher, 2B/SS/3B/OF - Versatility!
4. Fenikz- Luis Severino, SP - Can't hurt someone who's willing to wait
5. Jughead- Matt Carpenter, 3B - I've been wanting to take him for several rounds, but keep resisting
6. KCJ- Nomar Mazara, OF - Bad player
7. Magarnaron- Corey Dickerson, OF - Useless
8. Grizz- Matt Shoemaker, SP - Useful if he can actually make shoes
9. D-Unit- Ryan Mountcastle, 1B/3B - Could he make opening day? Can't believe I had to make a trade to get him back
10. Cain- Justus Sheffield, SP - Love it
11. Brodie- Chad Green, SP/RP - Not bad

Round 20:

1. Brodie- Nathan Eovaldi, SP/RP - Not bad
2. Cain- Travis d'Arnaud, C/1B - This can't be serious
3. D-Unit- Luke Jackson, RP - Oh let's give him another chance...
4. Grizz- Starlin Castro, 2B/3B - We must be in the last round
5. Magarnaron- Zach Eflin, SP - Heh, interesting
6. KCJ- Keibert Ruiz, C - I will be extremely pissed if is right
7. Jughead- Clint Frazier, OF - Future keeper? Yep, I was right
8. Fenikz- Corbin Burnes, SP - What kind of parents name their kid Corbin?
9. Gonzo- Julio Teheran, SP - Good one, I think
10. Zak- Eric Hosmer, 1B - Boring
11. mqt- Kwang-Hyun Kim, RP - Love this pick Nice selection!

1. Jughead- Tommy Kahnle, RP - Mr. Irrelevant, might be relevant.

Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
Okay so I paid attention for a week to try to get you to lose. IT HAPPENS.

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That was some victory write up D! This league really is great for the day in day out baseball fan. Anytime you win it even this year it is deserved. I will be back for the tile next year with all my new young arms in fold!

PS: Ryu was good. 5 wins, 2.82 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 72 K.
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Congrats D. Nice write up. And I will be keeping Voit. He really cleaned up his body when they were shut down for COVID.
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nice write up but dam you D
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Originally Posted by Zak View Post
That was some victory write up D! This league really is great for the day in day out baseball fan. Anytime you win it even this year it is deserved. I will be back for the tile next year with all my new young arms in fold!

PS: Ryu was good. 5 wins, 2.82 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 72 K.
Originally Posted by Jughead View Post
Congrats D. Nice write up. And I will be keeping Voit. He really cleaned up his body when they were shut down for COVID.
Originally Posted by KCJ58 View Post
nice write up but dam you D
I agree, congrats and great write up!
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Thanks again!!!

Soooooo.... more importantly.... Who wants to talk trade?
Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
Okay so I paid attention for a week to try to get you to lose. IT HAPPENS.
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winner and, xio is still in charge, xio just can't quit us

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