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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
What's a better illustration of how little drafting RBs early matter than the starters of the two teams playing being two guys who were undrafted and were cut by like 5 teams each.
Somebody butthurt as fuck because the Lions haven't had a relevant running back since Barry Sanders.
Originally Posted by TACKS View Post
So do you guys think Hernandez did it?
The end. Cut to black. Audience goes fucking apeshit.
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Originally Posted by TACKS View Post
I just don't think RB is unique in that you don't *need* a blue chip player at that position if you have the right system and infrastructure around him. Think that's pretty much true of every position with exception of maybe D-Line and QB (though there's been plenty of examples in recent years that you might not even really need that as much as we thought.)
I think your point about system/infrastructure is key. If you're not finding guys who actually fit the coaching scheme, or you're cycling through coaches every other year, you're going to end up with a mish-mash of talent that doesn't complement anything you want to do. Especially if your entire draft philosophy is unweighted BPA. I know the obvious counter argument is that a coach should figure out how to utilize the talent he has, but it's clear that there is only a tiny, tiny group of coaches who seem to be able to actually do that. Seems like it's a lot easier, in today's NFL, to not draft 3-4 players when your coach runs a 4-3, than to draft whoever and expect your coaches to change.
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