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I've thought about trying Huel. Might give it a go for a couple weeks in January.

Originally Posted by badger View Post
I have a powerblock adjustable set with one expansion so I can go up to 70lbs each. Obviously I’m not power lifting with them or anything but it’s perfect for a skinny guy like me trying not to lose too much strength as I am now closer to 40 than 30.
Are the shape of Powerblocks not awkward? I Thought about getting them before I got my rack instead. I'm probably leaning towards those.
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It's a little awkward at first because it feels like you're putting your hand inside them, but I got used to it really quickly. Something I didn't consider that I really like the flat sides of the weights as opposed to the Bowflex ones, so I can rest them upright on my thighs before getting into a position for bench/overhead press. The expandable aspect is probably the best part though.
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why work out?, you dont play sports

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