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The Alex
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I realize I’m in the minority on Predators but the cast features Walton Goggins, Danny Trejo, Mahershala Ali, Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody, Alice Braga (the gal from City of God), Oleg Taktarov (MMA legend), Topher Grace (in the best performance of his career), and this dude Louis Ozawa who I don’t even know from anything else but is the coolest character in the entire franchise thus far because he fights a Predator to a draw with a samurai sword. Prey has better tension, Predators has better cast and characters; they go to a draw in action and premise (most important thing with this franchise and maybe the biggest reason why Shane Black’s one sucks shit). Just avoid the Shane Black one and the AVP abominations and you’re good. AVP:R is the worst lit movie I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life, I can’t believe it was released with this type of darkness. Whoever signed off on the final product didn’t watch it long enough to see the sewer scenes because there are moments where you might as well just close your eyes.

The End. Cut to black. Audience goes fucking apeshit.

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Louis Ozawa is in Hunters and he was good in it too
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Future generations will look back at this time where abortion is celebrated with disgust equal to that with which we look at slavery today.
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LeBron James is a bitch
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I enjoy Predators fine, I just like Prey better. Predator 2 is also enjoyable. It's just AvP are both nothing movies and the Shane Black one from a few years ago is actively unpleasant
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I had no idea that anyone in City of God had gone on to do anything notable in hollywood. That is such a great film.
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LeBron James is a bitch
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There isn't a theater within 30 minutes of me with Marcel the Shell

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allmarvelmoviessuck, capeshit, corey like boys, infinity war is #1, inside out >, irishman was awful, joe dirt is a classic, julia fox <3, jvig sucks, mad max is amazing, mad max sucked, mad max was ok, melissa mcarthy sucks, neon demon is good, star wars sucks, tom hardy's traps

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